That’s the one word I can use to describe both Dralion and Billy Elliot.

Swiss Grand Hotel, Bondi

We started our escape by driving to Sydney. Bondi Beach to be exact, where we stayed on Friday night. We had a lovely room overlooking the beach.

IMG_0641 IMG_0643

After Kevin did a bit of work – it is a work day after all – we drove over to Fox Studios where Dralion is playing. We had a wander around the shops, eventually stopping at Gloria Jeans for a hot chocolate.


At 4.30pm it was show time.


This is the forth cirque du soliel show that we’ve seen and we were still blown away. They take acts that you’ve seen before and totally transform them. The trampoline act (where the performers almost walked up the wall was amazing) and the hoop diving was unbelievable. One thing I know is that after seeing people perform like this you’ll never need to go to animal circus again.

After the show we had a hot corn cob and bought some pasta to take back to our hotel room.

Eating a corn cob

We spent the night watching music videos (there was NOTHING on TV and we didn’t feel like paying $17 to watch a movie we could rent for $3) and eating dinner in bed.

On Saturday morning, with no little puppy to wake us up, we managed to sleep in till about 6.30am. We lazed around for awhile, had some cheese on a roll for breakfast, played on the laptop and later went for a walk over to the beach.

On the balcony

We got a cup of tea and a friand and sat and people watched. Such a busy place – even in Winter.

Bondi Beach

After an hour we headed back to our room, checked out of the hotel and drove into the city. We parked our car next to theatre and walked, first to Haigh’s chocolates, then to a coffee shop Kevin wanted to visit, then to Borders. We had some lunch in a food court and on the way back to the theatre bought a new printer. How’s that for an impluse purchase. This is a little one for me to print photos –  a Cannon Selphy ES2 – it’s sooo cute!!!

It was rather cold so I got a tea at Gloria Jeans before the show. We were seated much closer to the stage than the last time we saw Billy Elliot – which was really great for me as I could actually see people’s faces. The show was just as fantastic as last time and I’m so glad we got to see it again.

We left Sydney and arrived home around 6pm, after picking up some Chinese to have for dinner. It was nice to see the kids and dogs again. We finished up our day watching The Water Horse with the girls.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip……….I have never seen Cirque de Soliel……….one of these days………you will love the ES2………you will be scrapping way more…..so fun to print and scrap!! Glad you both had a nice weekend.

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