My baby is 7!!!


I can’t believe my baby is 7 years old. She was born on 11th Sept, 2001 hence no-one ever forgets her birthday. She opened presents in the morning and got clothes, a disney princes board game set and her request, a Watch Me Grow Puppy – Golden Retriever of course… as if we need more dogs in this house.

Christy's 7th birthday Christy's 7th birthday Christy and her new dog

She went off to school with a cake to share with her class.

Birthday cake for school

After school she had ballet and we prepared a little party to have when she got back – all her favourite foods. Then she opened presents from my Aunties and from Nan & Pop (who joined us for her party). I think she enjoyed her special day. On Saturday she’s having a party with her friends.



I got this cute little cupcake idea from Five J’s.


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  1. Happy belated b’day to Christy!!! I hope she had a good day – it looks like she did!

    Hope the party went well today – was it as hot at your place as it was here??! We were at my niece’s 1st b’day party in Castle Hill and it was sooo hot!

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