A Day in my Life – September


Wow, nearly forgot today. Christy woke up just after 3.30am saying she was scared. Her room was dark (which is normal) but her window was open (cause it had been so hot yesterday) and the wind had come up and was banging her blind. I got up, closed her window, opened her blind, put her music on and hopefully sent her back to sleep. Unfortunately for me, even though I went back to bed I was not going back to sleep. I got up just before 4am and took to dogs outside to the toilet.

Then I boiled the kettle and got myself a cup of tea and some birthday cake and settled in front of the computer. It rained for a bit but as the sun comes up it seems to have stopped and the wind has died down.

Amy came downstairs around 6am and is now settled in front of the TV. I was just reading through my favourite blog when I suddenly remembered it was “a day in my life” so run out to get my camera from the car (where I had left it after Christy’s party last night). So here’s the first photo of the day.

Early Sunday morning

And a photo of what I see when I turn away from the computer…. guess what my first job for the day is?

Kitchen mess

I finally got up and moving around 7.30am – i mean it’s such a wet drizzly day and i had an action packed one yesterday so it’s good to take it easy. Anyway, I put on a load of washing (need to wash Kevin’s work pants for tomorrow), moved stuff off the kitchen table and bench, made breakfast – toast all around this morning (I had mine with marmalade).


The dogs polished off the girls leftover crusts.

Dogs eating breakfast

I washed up, grated some cheese and put some eggs on to cook (for boiled eggs during the week).

Cooking eggs

Time for another cup of tea – I think it’s already my 4th for the day and to do yesterdays blog post.

I got Christy dressed, then made some Cheesy Potato Chowder (great day for soup for lunch), then chopped up some dying sweet potatoes for the dogs to have with their dinner.

Preparing Cheesy Potato Chowder

At 10.30am the girls and Kevin headed off to indoor rock climbing. Kevin wanted me to go but I bargined that if I stayed home I could do what I wanted to get done (working on our budget, tidying the scrapbook desk and hopefully doing a page or two), then I’d watch a movie with him this afternoon (I really don’t like watching TV very much during the day). He accepted my offer. I helped them get their lunches organised to take with them and after they’d gone thought I’d better feed Bailey his lunch. Then I realized it was only 10.30am. I seem to have DONE so much (and drunk so much tea) already today.

Amy making lunch

Budget all sorted (we’ve recently gone to a cash only budget and it needed a bit of fine tuning), I realized I have already spent 4.5 hours in front of the computer today. Admittedly most of 3 of those hours were before 7am but still….. I’m now off into the scrapbook room.

messy scrapbook desk

As you can see my work area needed a GOOD tidy up.

Clean scrapbook desk

At the moment I’m working on the travel album from our outback trip and also the daily assignment for my Have More Fun class. In the white desktop organiser I have put paper and things I am using the travel album. The little tub on the desk has photos I have layout ideas/plan for. Isn’t that desk light horrible? I’ve been looking for something better but no luck so far.

At 12.45 I stopped to have some of soup for lunch and wrote up this post to date. Kevin and the girls just arrived home but a friend is coming over so I should still be able to grab a bit of scrapbook time. So want to now that the desk is tidy.

I managed to spend a few hours scrapbooking which was very nice.

Libby scrapbooking Scrapbooking desk in action

Around 4pm the visitors left (it was a friend of Kevin’s and his daugther) we had a spa which was nice and relaxing. We got into our PJs, made some popcorn and watched the small amount of video we had taken on our trip & Christy’s birthday. Kevin ordered me a flip camera today after I kept talking about them (after seeing them in action on quite a few scrapbooking blogs). Hopefully it’ll be as easy to use and upload as I’ve heard and I’ll therefore take more video. I don’t tend to take a lot as I focus on photos for scrapbooking.

After our home movies we were going to watch a family movie but Christy got bored and went off so we decided to watch The Mummy with Amy. I was surprised it’s only PG. She actually got a bit scared and went off towards the end. She watched Jurassic Park the other week and it didn’t phase her. I enjoyed it again. Being a BIG Brendan Fraser fan I’ve seen it many times before but not for a number of years.

I haven’t been really great documenting today or taking lots of photos but I did happen to notice the lovely sunset.

Sunday sunset

After the movie finished I tidied the kitchen (we had stopped to make dinner during the movie – brown rice, TVP favoured with taco seasoning, grated cheese, tomato and sour cream) and we watched a bit of the original Sabrina before heading up to bed. After my early morning it’ll be another early night.

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5 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – September

  1. Hi Libby,

    I enjoy reading these day in the life posts. Chrisy looks like she had a lovely birthday! Your scrapbooking desk looks set up wonderfully! Oh how I wish I was more dedicated to scrapbooking then you! I started doing it a few years ago and I always collect little things when I take photos to scrap but never seem to get around to it! I sailed from Sydney to Hobart 4 years ago on the Young Endevour and I still haven’t scraped that yet. I think I’d be more motivated if I went to weekly scrap classes! I might look into that now that I think of it. There are some in Leichhardt here in Sydney which isn’t too far from where I live 🙂

  2. You are so amazing! I love your day in the life posts……..you day sounds so cozy and productive………i love rainy days……….btw.what are clinkers or is it clingers? what type of candy?

  3. That’s my kind of day – a bit of solitude, some work done and time for pleasure and family too. Thank you for sharing.

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