Menu Plan Monday


Last weeks plan went well. We enjoyed the taco pasta salad (was similar to the mexibake but a lot less fat). We still haven’t had the veggie curry (I bought veggie pies from a little bakery I rarely get to) so you’ll see it on this weeks menu plan AGAIN (third time lucky I hope). No new recipes this week as I’m out two night on top of the normal dance run around.

MONDAY : Home made pizza on lebanese bread (awaiting a new bread maker)

TUESDAY: Pasta with Mushroom Sauce


THURSDAY: Cheesy Tomato Bake

FRIDAY: Veggie Curry with basmati rice

SATURDAY: BBQ (before first game of basketball season)

SUNDAY: From freezer

For more great menu idea visit the organising junkie.

One thought on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Libby, I love how simple you make it sound! Best wishes with your 3rd attempt at the curry! I might sneak one in next week, before it gets too warm to want to eat hot and spicy foods…

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