Muffin Tin Monday

muffin tin monday

Nothing exciting in todays muffin tin (though there were a few party leftovers) but the kids all enjoyed it. I’m going to try and look for some new things to include when I do my grocery shopping tomorrow. Make you sure you click on the link to see more fabulous muffin tin monday ideas.

3 thoughts on “Muffin Tin Monday

  1. I want to come to your house for afternoon tea on Mondays. It looks so yum! Well I do try too, I have a fruit salad of choped orange, kiwi fruit, banana, apple and strawberries every arvo at work. I make up 2 containers of it every second night and cut each of the fruits and put half of each in each container. I start with the apple and banana so that the juice from the kiwi and orange covers over them and it (mostly) stops it going brown 🙂 I am being such a good girl lately!

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