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Well, it’s been a LONG time since I was able to shop in Sussan’s and that used to be their advertising jingle. Actually I don’t think I’ve shopped there since maybe Uni – they only go up to 16s. In desperation, after exhausting Target and my 2 other usual shops for clothes (and finding only ONE top) I thought maybe I might be able to fit into something at Sussan’s. Really not sure what to expect and I was pleasantly suprised at the range – young and fresh without being too teenagery – just what I was looking for. And best of the size 16’s fitted – YEAH!!! I tried on a heap of clothes (luckily was Mum was hand to help) and came home with 4 tops and two shrugs. I got some brown pants from Myers and am all set. Thank goodness. With the weather finally having turned warm for more than one day at a time I was pretty much out of clothes to wear.

Oh, and I had to get two pair of summer shoes as I’ve gone down a half a size with my weight loss and last years shoes are too big. This pair is my favourite.

new shoes

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