Menu Plan Monday


Last weeks plan went very well. I forgot we were going out on Wed night so I moved a couple meals forward. The pumpkin lasange was a great success for our night away. It was much easier than stuffing the cannelloni shells (which I didn’t have any of) and I think I’ll be doing it this way from now on. Friday night we ate out with friends. Amy had a friend for a sleepover on Sat night so I did gnocchi in a cream sauce.

MONDAY: Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza

TUESDAY: Cauli Bake, Honey carrots and snow peas (all from the garden)

WEDNESDAY: Some kind of rice salad

THURSDAY: Zucchini Slice


FRIDAY: Out with friends again


SUNDAY: TVP Taco Salad or wraps

For more great menu ideas visit the organising junkie.

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  1. I can’t believe it is Monday already …….it is Sunday night here at 7:46 pm…….gnocchi is one of my faves!! Hope you are having a good Monday 🙂

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