A beautiful part of the world


is right on my doorstep.

Yesterday Kevin and I dropped the girls off for a drama rehearsal and went for a ride on the motorbike. I wanted to go up the coast and drive over the Seacliff Bridge (which opened a few years ago but I still hadn’t been over). It was a gorgeous day for it. This is just 30mins from our home.


We stopped at Stanwell Park and had an ice-cream. There were LOTS of bike riders there so it’s obviously the place to ride to :-). Don’t know why I didn’t take more photos but here’s one of us enjoying the view (just excuse the helmet hair)


2 thoughts on “A beautiful part of the world

  1. Hi Libby,

    You should go there at night time, it’s so awesome! You see all the city lights on a clear night. Did you see the handgliders? They are amazing to watch there too in the day – I went there to take photos once and got a few good shots of them jumping 🙂

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