Meeting Annie

Annie and Libby

I have known Annie online for over a year (after meeting through an online scrapbooking class). She lives in California so when I found out her family was going to be visiting, for her dh Mannie to play some baseball games, I immediately told her we’d have to meet up. Things were very up in the air as she wasn’t given much information about the game. Originally the game was supposed to be at Olympic Park so the girls and I thought we’d spend the day in Sydney and then meet them at the game (or possibly in town beforehand). As it turned out the game was moved out to Blacktown and Annie had misplaced my phone number (and only found it 15mins before the bus was picking them up). Without even being 100% sure we were going to the right place we drove out (in LOTS OF TRAFFIC) to Blacktown and somehow managed to find the right place. It was so wonderful to meet Annie and her family in real life. She was friendly and welcoming – just like on her blog. Her kids were great and all everyone hit it off immediately. The kids had loads of fun exploring, collecting and getting very dirty. I only managed to get a few photos as they were so very busy.

Christy, Amy, Cara & Kelly Kids playing Christy and Cara

I got to meet Mannie briefly and watch him play a bit of baseball, which was fun.

Batter up Baseball game

It was a late night and driving home wasn’t a lot of fun but I made it and tumbled into bed just before midnight. It was a wonderful four hours and I’m so glad we managed to meet up with them all. It was only the second day of their trip so I hope they have a great time during the rest of their stay. We also exchanged presents, but I’ll do another post about that.

Oh, and Mickey, Annie said their cell phone isn’t working (which was part of the reason we had communicating).

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