3rd Annual Halloween Party

Halloween Party 08

Last night we had our 3rd Halloween Party (which means we have now lived in our home for three years). It was a great night, though the weather wasn’t the best. It was cool, but didn’t rain and most of the kids still went in the pool (which was probably still warm from the disgustingly hot day we had on Friday). We had nearly around 35 guests and everyone seemed to have a great time, with most getting into the spirit of dressing up.

Here’s the home all decorated.

Halloween Decorations 2008 Halloween Decorations 2008

Some of the very yummy food. Thanks to all my guests for bringing along a plate.

Halloween 2008 Halloween Deserts 2008

A photo of us.

Halloween 2008

And Dad (Santa), Mum (Santa’s Helper) and Christy (Mrs Claus!!!)

Halloween 2008

Even the dogs had to get dressed up.

Halloween 2008

4 thoughts on “3rd Annual Halloween Party

  1. Looks llike lots of fun Libby, and the skeleton at the front door is a very nice touch!!!

    Byron had his party as well, though I think yours looks a little more civilized, though we did score lots of bonus points from the kids for the gross out food LOL

    On a completely different note…how are you going in CZ’s class. Man, is she working us hard! I havn’t done this many layouts combined for the whole year. Still I am loving her simple clean style and have stayed fairly well caught up (though with the silly season fast approaching…)

  2. Hi Jody,

    We’ve had the skeleton for a few years and he gets dragged out every Halloween to stand somewhere different.
    Your party looked great – esp. the food – so clever.

    I’m loving the class. I did my layouts for this week but haven’t journalled them yet. I’m finding it very challenging working with small size photos. But, like you, am enjoying getting so much done. And it’s so easy when she gives us the sketch :-).


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