The big blank wall is shaping up

Ever since we moved into this house (4 years ago) I’ve never been happy with the lounge room. It was supposed to be painted with a textured paint – which it was – but the colour is SOOOOO NOTHING!!! And the texture just looks like dirty walls. Most of the wall contain furniture/windows but there is one quite big wall that is blank. We did have 2 large prints of Scottish Castles which helped break it up. But about a month ago I had an idea. And here, thanks to Kevin, is the result….

Photos on wall

I tried to find a before photo but I’m guessing cause it was such an awful wall I never photographed that side of the loungeroom. And the best thing about this is that we can change the photos from time to time when we get a great new photo we want to showcase.

Closeup of photos

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