I’ve become a homebody

Evening sky

I’ve realized that over the last few weeks I’ve become a real homebody. Sure I still get out the gym, doing volunteer work at the school, running the kids around, shopping, etc, but given the choice I seem to prefer being at home. I’ve got myself into a groove with my housework and running the home. I am happy being at home for most of the day just me and dogs (and other animals).

However, the downside is I haven’t made any new friends for a couple of years and my school mum friends have all gone back to work (at least part time) which means I don’t see them very much. My older playgroup mums are the same. And my really old school friends (hi Leanne!!) live an hour away. All of which means I really don’t do any socializing most weeks. I need to work on this but I’m not sure how.

I realized the extent of my problem early this morning. There is a bus trip I want to do – a tour of local op shops. I was thinking who I could ask to come with me but came up with no-one!!! Which I thought was pretty sad. There is one friend I could ask but I just don’t know if she’d be interested (or be working that day) – only one way to find out I guess. If not I think I’ll go alone (I’ve had visit on op shop on my yearly to-do list for a couple of years now and it would be nice to cross it off). Who knows, I might even make a new friend.

In the meantime I really am happy being a homebody :-).

4 thoughts on “I’ve become a homebody

  1. Hi Libby,
    I know what you mean about being a homebody. I have become one too, something I could never imagine myself actually enjoying.

    Shame, I don’t live closer, I would love to do the tour with you !!!
    I am sure even if yo go on your own , you will meet someone new.

    I’d love to hear about the op shops you visit.


  2. Hello Libby
    Sounds like a good bus trip.
    Treat it as a mystery day with a happy ending – maybe you will find a new friend (as well as some bargains to boot)
    Take care

  3. Hi Libby,

    I somewhat know how you feel. I felt like that alot when I first moved to Sydney from the Country and still do sometimes.

    I know here in Leichhardt they have a scrapbooking shop and they do regular crop sessions where everyone chats to each other, they do this a few times a week, maybe there is a shop like that near you?

    Just an idea – Love the sunset photo 🙂

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