A Day in my Life – November



When I woke up the clock showed 5.04am. Light was just starting to fill the sky so I got up and got dressed ready to take the dogs for a walk. Amy was already up and decided to come with us.

Libby and Amy Sunrise (with pelicans)

We had a lovely walk and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise. The dogs had so much fun – swimming in the duck pond and running through the mud :-).

Muddy dogsswimming in the duck pond

It’s garbage day at our place and I’m lucky Dad always remembers to put the bins out for us.

Garbage day

When we got back the dogs needed a bath so I did that in our shower, dried them off and then had my own shower since I was soaked. and got dressed for the day.

After dog baths

My washing machine isn’t working so I took a basket of clothes over to Mums (how great that she lives next door) and put on a load.


Then I finally got to sit at the computer with a cup of tea.

Morning cup of tea

When Christy came downstairs at about 7.30am we had breakfast. Today I had scrambled eggs and baked beans.

Libby cooking breakfast Breakfast

After clearing off the table I got Christy’s lunch organised (Amy does her own).

lunch boxes

Then I went back upstairs to get Christy ready for school and to straighten my hair now that it had dried. Next up was hanging out the washing and putting Christy’s bedding in the machine. All the animals were fed and watered and bags made ready for school. When Mum came over at 8.45am we were all ready to go.

Mum and I both do reading with Christy’s class today. It’s been so great seeing them improve as the year has gone by.

parent reading folder Waiting for the kids at reading

From here I drove to the local shopping center and raced in to a present for my Uncle’s birthday on Sunday. Then I drove to the beauticians. Todays appointment was for my nails and eyelashes/eyebrows. After such a busy day yesterday it was so nice to moving at a slower pace today.

My Beauticians

It was now 12pm and I was starving so I drove home, got Bailey his lunch and made myself a taco salad (with leftover TVP Taco mince from last night), which I ate while printing out this weeks lessons for my Big Picture Scrapbooking class.

I also ordered some protein powder online (since I’ve almost run out) and made a list of what food I want to have for afternoon tea at my Partylite Candle party tomorrow afternoon.

I made myself another cup of tea and went to work on the banking for the school uniform shop (we’ve had kindy orientation this week and have been open 3 days for the Mum’s to buy uniforms). Also placed an order for more stock.

Account work

At 2.15pm I left to go to bank, then to school.

Local shops

I was a bit early but a friend I haven’t seen for ages was there so it was nice and sit and chat while we waited for the bell to go. Once home we unpacked the car and school bags.

Unpacking the car

II quickly washed up their lunch containers. We had a sprinkle of rain so I raced out to bring in the washing and as I was putting it away Kevin arrived home (very early for him). It’s been a stinking hot day here so the girls wanted icees to cool them down.

Making icees

Then Amy got ready for her dance lesson, Christy had swim, and I enjoyed some hummous and crackers while making some tarts for tomorrow’s afternoon tea. I also watered the veggie garden – everything is growing so fast in the warm weather.

At 4.15pm Amy and I left for her private tap. While waiting and sat and read through a SImple Scrapbooks mag. I haven’t done any scrapbooking all week (with having the open the uniform shop in the afternoon) so I’m quite anxious to do some.

Waiting at dancing

Here’s a shot of the passenger seat. It’s always full of stuff (normally more than this but I had Mum in the car this morning).

The passenger seat - always full

Back home at 5.15pm I enjoyed a lemonade ice-block while downloading some photos to flickr and starting work on this post.

I went and made up Christy’s bed (ready for when Poppy put her to bed), did a quick tidy up upstairs and got ready to go out. My car was nearly empty so we stopped to get petrol and could grey clouds moving in from the South,

Keving getting petrol

We had dinner at our current favourite Lebanese restaurant. We get a wrap each and take half with us to have later. The meals cost us a whole $16, and we don’t feel silly not being able to eat very much. I love the falafel wrap with cheese and salad.

Libby enjoying dinner

While we were at dinner it started raining in earnest. It was bucketing down and even with the umbrella we would be been drenched by the time we got to the basketball stadium. Luckily it eased off a bit when we had finished eating so we were able to get there without getting too wet.

Going to the game in the rain

The game was great, as usual, though we lost by 1 point in the last 2 seconds!!!!! It was funny in a way because it was a 3 pt shot by one of our old players that no-one liked. He used to get boo-ed by his own team supporters – which I never understand. How was he supposed to get better being heckled by the people were supposed to support him? Anyway, he got his own back tonight so I kind of didn’t mind that we lost.

Friday night basketball At the game

We got home about 10pm (Dad had already put the girls to bed) and made a cup of tea. I read for a while before turning off the light about 11pm (which is a VERY late night for me). Unfortunately I was up at at 11.30, 1am, 2am and 4am taking Bailey out to the toilet (I think he drank too much duck pond water this morning!!!) Poor fella.

Anyway, that was a day in my life. Be sure to hop over to Little Jenny Wren to see what others were to today.

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  1. Libby,
    how coincidental that you do partylite … .i am going to start that after the new year, myself! how many shows do you average a week? I want to do it for a year or two to save enough money for a large down payment on a house.

    …do your children go to montessori school?

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