Happy Birthday Mum!!


Yesterday was my Mum’s birthday but since I was on canteen at school and she was out to lunch we decided on an early dinner to celebrate. We gave her our presents – which included some photo christmas ornaments, a gardeners hand scrub and this Creative Memories magnet board. We then had a light dinner of pumpkin lasange and veggies, and of course birthday cake for desert. The girls made the cake all by themselves (all I did was put on the icing).

Nan's Birthday cake Nan's Birthday cake

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mum!!

  1. Libby I love your blog… I live in the USA in Buffalo NY just came by your blog by chance…. I do have a sister in law who lives in Victoria Australia.
    Anyway I love to follow your life… thanks for sharing, and you look wonderful after your surgery…

    God Bless,

  2. Happy, happy birthday to your Mum! Those CM frames are great! I love mine so much! The girls did great with the cake too, they’ll be cooking for your whole family all the time before long. 🙂

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