5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from all of us

  1. Merry Christmas Libby, to you and the family and the dogs too! Hope you have a great day tomorrow.



  2. Merry Christmas Libby! I just love ElfYourself Cards. They are so cute. I find crazy pictures of Mr. Jones and send elf cards of him to his family. I’m such a scrooge!

    Thanks for the BFL kudos. I think what has gotten me through the holidays is that I hit rock bottom before I started BFL and am completely determined to finish the 3 months looking hot (my little mid-life crisis). Taking pictures has helped because it is tough to see progress sometimes, but when I can see what I’ve done it gets me through. I’m not tough on myself when I mess up either. You really have to be able to enjoy food and holidays, too.

    Love the dog/beach videos. My family always had golden retrievers, and we lived in San Diego so we took them to Doggie Beach.

    Have a wonderful holiday!


  3. Hi Libby, Merry Christmas to you, Kevin & the girls. I hope you had a lovely time and are enjoying the holidays. I know I am – 2 weeks off work! I’m up in the country visiting my family at the farm. I have very limited internet access up here so looking forward to watching your videos when I get back.

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