Lazy Summer Days

Sunday lunch by the pool

Well, since Christmas I’ve been VERY lazy . We’ve spent the days in the pool, reading, watching TV, playing games and eating. I did get to the gym yesterday and started with the decorations, which I finished off today. My house is all back to normal now, well downstairs anyway – still need to do the girls rooms. besides going to the basketball last night – which we won – and the gym – I haven’t left the house since Monday.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Summer Days

  1. Tell me about it!!!!

    It was like once I actually stopped…well now I can’t get started again. Since Christmas I have slept in, had afternoon naps, eaten myself silly, read, read & read some more, watched DVD’s and ate some more (and my decorations always stay up till my birthday is over so there’s a job I don’t feel guilty about LOL)

    I really have to get back into the swing of things. ha!

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