Reflections on 2008

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Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know that I’ve had a pretty good year – an excellent one fact. I’ve managed to lose more weight and maintain it for the last 6 months. And, best of all, I feel I have grown as a person and in my contentment levels being a housewife and Mum. The following are the goals I set for 2008 and how I went with them. I think it’s an improvement on last year.


– Work on household routine – need to incorporate detailed cleaning (Routine is now in place, still working on getting in more detailed cleaning)

– Continue work in veggie garden esp. winter production (Pretty good)

– Grow potatoes (have large pot just waiting to be used)  NO

– Get worm farm going again (may need new system)  YES, bought a new compost bin (no worms)

– Work out how to get seedlings to grow in green house (no success so far)  No, they all died again

– Shop for fruit and veg at local markets /continue to buy organic where possible Didn’t get to local market but bought more organic this year

– Learn to make more things from scratch i.e rolls, tortillas  YES, though I’m still not doing it as much as I should


– Start paying extra of mortgage (by mid-year)  Umm.. present will start this in Feb 09

– Start saving for UK trip (due to start next week)  YES, we’re putting aside money every week into a travel account

– Stick to budget (you never know it might happen one day) YES!!!!!!


– Learn to sew (either in classes or on my own) NO, everytime I enroll in a class it gets cancelled

– Take a vegetarian cooking class at Nan Tien Temple ( have form printed out, just have to mail it off with a cheque)  Class was cancelled

– Volunteer work – still trying to find the right thing for me (already do uniform shop and canteen at school)  No luck as yet

– Make more hand-made presents (those I made this seemed to be a big hit)  YES!!!

– Organise ( and keep organised) my scrapbook space (can’t wait for my Big Picture Scrapbook class with Wendy Smedley to start)  Yes but it’s a WIP

– Develop knitting skills – make something other than scarves   NO 🙁

– Read more about simple living  YES

– Get back to working out 6 days a week (3 cardio, 3 weights)   On and off throughout the year (but regular exercise)

– Get out and enjoy life more (already started on this one)   YES!!! Definitely been a lot of FIRSTS this year.

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  1. WOW – that’s impressive. I haven’t looked at my 2008 goals list as I’m not sure it was my most impressively productive year. Or rather, my focus changed and I achieved in other areas! 😉

    Best wishes for 2009, Libby.

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