GOALS and WORD for 2009


Welcome to 2009!!! Here are my goals for the fabulous year ahead

* Have regular family dinners at our new kitchen table (which we’ll get in a few weeks)

* Take more baths

* Have at least 2 family vacations – at present thinking of Byron Bay and the Snowy Mountains (in Winter)

* Continue work in veggie garden. Start to grow own seedlings.

* Rework weekly routine to do more detailed cleaning around home.

* Read more with girls

* Take dogs to dog training, and work with them during the week.

* Follow Red Carpet Ready health/fitness programย  (signed up for the 6 week Diamond Club starting 8th Jan)

* Try digital scrapbooking

* Teach myself to sew (Annie if you were close by we could learn together)

* Finish knitting wrap (my friend Sue started it for me in June)

* Learn to Crochet (Sue is going to teach me this June)

* Borrow and read more books from the library – esp. about simple living.

* Attend at least one event run by Sustainable Illawarra

* Try to met more online friends in real life (Kerrie you’re next on my list – gee, I sound a bit like a stalker ๐Ÿ™‚ )

* Try to have some computer free days during the year – maybe even one a month

* Develop new (and old) friendships

* Continue to stick to my budget and start paying extra off the mortgage

* I had planned to complete Project 365 but it’s already SOLD OUT!!!

* Keep developing my Library of Memories (maybe rejoin this class again)

* Develop and expand scrapbooking skills (Mum got me a Big Picture Scrapbooking gift certificate for Christmas)

* Organise the spare room (and keep it tidy)

* Continue to reduce, reuse and recycle

* Make more gifts (instead of buying)


And now my word for 2009. Last year my word was STRENGTH but I don’t really think I lived up to it very well. Well, that was then and this is now. And I am READY!!!! Yes, my word for 2009 is READY.

I am READY…. to become Red Carpet Ready by joining the Diamond Club

I am READY… to make more friends

I am READY… to embrace all life offers

I am READY… to attain all my goals for 2009

I am READY.. to be the best mother, wife, daughter and friend I can be

I am READY…to start ticking off my life goals list

I am READY… to be more FUN

I am READY… to live more simply in my day to day life

I am READY… to become the best ME I can be

5 thoughts on “GOALS and WORD for 2009

  1. GREAT list!

    I bought the Red Carpet Ready book last spring but, ahem, I didn’t even read it. In December I joined the online community and this Tuesday I was finally ready to try it. My bum is SO sore – it still hurts to even sit down! Hehe. The workout was so much fun though (methinks the eating will be the hard part for me) – you are so lucky to be in the Diamond Club!

    Oh, and I’m doing Library of Memories again this year too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Libby that is such a great, positive, motivating word. Love it.

    My word last year was “balance” and I think that I did, to a certain extent, achieve this. This years word is “simplify”. I make myself crazy at times with all that I take on and do and a lot of things are just me making my life more difficult. So I really need to break things down, purge out the things / actions that contribute to the craziness LOL

    Here’s to both of us achieving our goals in 2009 ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. awesome! I wish we could learn how to sew together……..would be more fun that way………everything sounds great!!! Happy New Year!

  4. Cool list. I like the idea of having a single word to focus on during the year.

    Maybe I’ll see you at a Sustainable Illawarra event – I’ve been to quite a few so far, and am getting a lot out of them.

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