My week in photos


On Monday we watched Kevin jump out of a plane.


Tuesday we spent at Jamberoo Recreation Park.

New Year Eve 2008

Wednesday we prepared for and hosted a NYE dinner.

New Years Day

On Thursday the Powell’s joined us for lunch and lots of fun in the pool.

Amy's bedroom

Friday saw the girls and I clean, tidy and reorganise their bedrooms. Amy chose how she wanted her furniture arrangement and she did such a good job. It looks so much better and the room looks bigger. In the evening Kevin & I went out for dinner (Indian) and the basketball with Kay and Sean.

Greg & Laury's Engagement Lunch

Greg & Laury's Engagement Lunch

On Saturday we had lunch at Sean’s Kitchen in Star City Casino to celebrate the engagement of my cousin Greg and the lovely Laury (they live in London so we don’t see them very often).

At the movie

Sunday was the last day of Kevin’s holiday so we let him pick what do to. He chose seeing “Bedtime Stories” which we all enjoyed and a bit of shopping.

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