Weekend in Sydney


We had a great weekend away. Originally we got tickets to take the girls to see Le Grand Cirque at the Opera House, and decided to make a weekend of it. The show was really good. The girls LOVED it as most of it was new to them.


After the show all they wanted to do was go to the hotel so we did that and checked into our room, then headed over to Darling Harbour where we had lunch at the food court. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling the best for a while. We decided to go to the IMAX and saw Santa versus the Snowman. Cute show and luckily I was feeling better when we came out.

Novotel Darling Harbour

We decided to go to the Chinese Gardens, which I’ve been wanting to do for ages. They are lovely and Christy especially enjoyed it after studying China last year at school. The gardens are so beautiful and we saw lots of carp and cute baby ducklings.

At the Chinese gardens At the Chinese Gardens

Next the girls wanted to swim in the pool so after stopping for an ice cream we headed back to the hotel and they had a swim. It was a little cool so they were only in around 20mins or so.

Girls having a swim

Then back to the room where they had a bath and we had dinner. Kevin & Amy had bought some pizza earlier and I got some soup from room service. My first “vegetarian” soup came with fish (????) so had to be sent back. I was reading some mags and the girls watched Mary Poppins on TV before going to sleep.

On Sunday morning we lazed for a bit before checking out of the hotel around 8am and going to Gloria Jeans for some breakfast. We then did a lap on the monorail.

Monorail Sydney On the monorail

Then got off at the right stop for the Powerhouse Museum where were going to see the Star Wars Exhibit (we had gotten Kevin tickets for Christmas)..

Star Wars Exhibit Star Wars Exhibit

The girls haven’t seen the movies but still enjoyed the exhibit – there was quite  a bit of hands on stuff to do. We then had an early lunch (and the girls played)

Kids at play

Christy had fun playing a greats kids area inside and Kevin & Amy went to the space area. We then caught the monorail into town and did a bit of shopping – Dymocks bookstore, Haigh’s chocolate and the Apple Store – before catching the monorail back to Darling Harbour and our car for the drive home. We all had a great time and although we normally just do day trips to Sydney it was very nice having the whole weekend together. And not suprisingly we’ve started watching the Star Wars movies with Amy (Christy got a bit bored half way through the first one).

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  1. i knocked on star wars for years … until finally, about two years ago, i saw all 6 of them. … and now i’m hooked. i LOVE them. my favorite characters are Obi Wan Kanobi and C3PO.

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