Nelson’s Bay..continued

Okay, where were we? Firstly just wanted to share the view from our room.

View out our window

On Monday morning Amy and I went for an early morning walk.

Early Morning

She wanted to stop at Michelle’s Pattisere which we did and I manage to avoid buying any ofย  their yummy looking cakes (actually I wasn’t even really tempted). We had a slow morning before driving to Shoal Bay (about 5mins away) for Nan to buy a new swimsuit. I scored myself a new folding beach chair and we got some groceries before heading back to the apartment for lunch. Afterwards we headed to Little Beach where the girls swam and played and I read. As you can see both Mum & I are reading Marley and Me. So funny – having had 4 golden retrivers I can relate to much of what they went through with Marley.

At the beach

We spent a few hours on the beach before returning home. Somehow I got motivated and did my red carpet ready workout before dinner.

On Tuesday I headed off on a walk by myself. Being cardio day I sort out some hills to get the heart rate up.

Early Morning

I stopped at the bakery for fresh bread on the way home. Nan & the girls had appointments for hair cuts this morning so we were out more prompty than normal. Both the girls had quite a bit of length taken off.

New haircuts

We had a bit of a wander and shop until I started to get some really bad cramps in my stomach and we returned home (they never did come to anything which was weird,ย  but good). We had lunch and I joined the live video/chat for Diamond Club (Nan & Pop took the girls down to the pool so that was good). We had booked to go on the jet boat this afternoon but when we got down their they said the girls were too young for their type of boat. The girls were not impressed but what could we do?

Jet boat we didn't go on

We headed back to the apartment and I finished off reading Marley & Me. Such a great book, but it made me miss my puppies. After dinner Pop took the girls down to the amusement rides & games. They had a great time and came home with some goodies.

Today, Wednesday, we didn’t feel like going forย  a walk but after reading some blog/e-mail I did my red carpet ready workout followed by a 20min yoga class I got from I haven’t done yoga since high school but thoroughly enjoyed it. It also made me want a nice, healthy breakfast.

Libby with her healthy breakfast Breakfast

We had orginally booked a boat from 12pm but due to expected bad weather than rang to suggest we head out at 11am. This meant we had to get a move on to get some groceries, get back, organise lunch and head back out the door. We made it in time and had a great few hours out on the water. Port Stephens is a beautiful waterway and you really need to be out on the water to fully appreciate it (we had many a boating trip here over the years on both motorboats and sailing boats).

Amy as SkipperOn the boat

We stopped for lunch and for the girls to have a swim.

Time for a swim

As we were heading back we could see the clouds rolling in. But it never really came to much.


We got back around 4pm and I had a nice bath in the big spa tub while reading. Then some computer time and more reading. Such a relaxing time.

4 thoughts on “Nelson’s Bay..continued

  1. Hi Libby,

    The view from your appartment looks so lovely! I’m still at work reading this – it’s about 5:15pm and it’s getting so dark outside! I wonder if it’s storming there with you now.

    I went to Nelson Bay for Ken and my one year anniversary in August last year. It seemed lovely but the town seemed a little quiet which I think was because it was still so cold. It’d be lovely in the summer.

    Great job with all the exercising ๐Ÿ™‚ You sound so motivated with it lately, way to go!

  2. I am green I tell you…sounds so relaxing ๐Ÿ™‚ Very impressed that you are motivated to do your workout (I am finding I’m lacking the mojo to get back on the wagon LOL)

  3. Oh…I forgot to say that I saw Marley & Me last night. Spent the first half laughing, spent the second half crying. Ugly crying. Go straight home from the cinema crying. Ha!

    Really enjoyed it ๐Ÿ™‚

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