Australia Day Weekend

Australia Day - Amy & Christy

Saturday, when we arrived back from Nelson’s Bay was a stinker of a day – over 40deg (well over 100 for my US friends). We spent the afternoon unpacking and playing with the dogs and hiding out in the house. Later in the evening we headed to the basketball (dropping Kevin off at birthday dinner). It was a good game, even if we lost by 2 pts 🙁 ). Amy had a friend sleeping over after the game.

On Sunday Kevin was desperate to go out in his new toy – so we headed over to Windang. I was quite pleased it was a bit overcast (I’ve had too much sun lately) but the sun came out later on and I added some more sunburn to my stripey collection. The girls loved the kayak and I went for a paddle too. Should provide many hours of fun. After enjoying some lunch we headed home. Had a swim, friends visited and the day was over.

IMG_5338 IMG_5359 IMG_5341 IMG_5363

I confess I’m not a big Australia Day person and we never even celebrated it till probably the last 5 years. These days we have a lunch with Nan & Pop so it’s a pretty low key affair. After I exercised and cleaned the house in the morning I was quite pleased to have lazy afternoon enjoying some national foods and sitting and relaxing. Christy had a swim and Amy headed off on a bike ride with a girlfriend, the dogs laid under the table sleeping.

Australia Day lunch IMG_5373

Boxing Kangaroo Lollies, Anzac Cookies….

IMG_5366 IMG_5365

Pavlova, damper, and lamington roll.

IMG_5374 IMG_5371

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