One thought on “31st Jan

  1. Hi Libby!

    I’m so excited you are giving the Spinach veggie omelettes a try! Your’s looks fine! They can be pretty lumpy looking once all the chunky veggies are added. You can chop the veggies up smaller and that may help. No worries! If all else fails, just scramble it all around in the pan…it doesn’t have to be perfect! It will still taste great and be so healthy for you and get your day started off right! (I also eat these for lunch and dinners sometimes too!)

    I’m so proud of you for sticking with this program! It is difficult at first to start something new, get used to it and then see results. You’ll be better in no time at all and this will all become 2nd hand to you! Congrats on your 2lb weight loss!! Isn’t that exciting?!

    And I must say, I love the green/blue colors of your kitchen! So calming and relaxing!

    Carry on girl!! You are doing great!
    Mary Bess

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