RCR – 5th Feb

Today’s video showcases my early morning walk and the green smoothie disaster.

Breakfast: W/G english muffin with cheese
English muffin with cheese
Salad with falafel & hummus

Salad with Falafel

Tomato & Fetta Frittata (toms from the garden, eggs from the chickens)

Tomato & Fetta Frittata

One thought on “RCR – 5th Feb

  1. Oh Libby!

    The area where you live looks so gorgeous! I’m jealous of your early before-sunrise walks! So peaceful!

    And the green smoothie….you must play around with it! They truly are yummy….I think the key is putting in a frozen banana and the berries. These will mask the flavor of the fresh spinach. Be sure you use fresh spinach! (also include some plain/vanilla yogurt, milk, water, cinnamon…no flax seed for me in this…makes it too nutty tasting)

    Your frittata looks so yummy too!!

    :0) Mary Bess

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