Farewell to the Hawks

Hawks last ever game

I’m a bit sad today. Last night was the last time we got to see our local basketball team, the Hawks, play. They have been forced out the league by stupid new regulations that have been introduced – to protect teams from going bankrupt!!!! So sad, for the players, their families, all the people who work for the Hawks, and for us, the fans. We’ve been season ticket holders for the last 3 years, and about 3-4 years before we had kids. The game last night was fantastic. It was  a sell out crowd and we WON!!!!! I was so happy for them to win their last ever home game. We were joined by Kay and Sean, who have been to quite a few games with us the last few years.

Kay & Libby with Moe Hawk Hawks last ever game Hawks last ever game Hawks last ever game Hawks last ever game Hawks last ever game

Our 2 most famous players have been with the Hawks for 14 years and have played together since they were juniors. They retired their number tonight in a rather moving ceremony. I have to admit to being nearly in tears a few times. I’m always a little sad at the end of season but this time I can’t say, we’ll be back next Summer. I hope at least some of players find a spot on another team but we’ll not get to see them play as there is no longer any New South Wales teams – at one stage we had 3. The Hawks were the last remaining of the starting teams back in 1979.

Hawks last ever game Hawks last ever game

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