A Day in My Life – February


I’ve been managing to sleep in a bit more lately and woke up around 6.30am. Rosie was already on our bed, Bailey asleep on his back. We ended up with Amy and the dogs in our bed for early morning cuddles.

Bailey asleep Goodmorning Rosie Morning

Around 7am I forced myself out of bed and into my workout clothes. It was hard today.

Ready to workout

I gave Kevin his Valentine’s day card.

Kevin's valentines day card Kevin's valentines day card

I did my red carpet ready workout and felt good once I started. Afterwards I made my a protein shake,and got Bailey’s his breakfast (which he eats in the pantry) .

Protein shake after workoutBailey having breakfast in the panty

I then had a quick shower before heading to dog training. This was only our first proper week (last week was the introduction). Amy took Bailey and I took Rosie – who has already been put up into first class.

Libby at dog training

When we got back I tided up around the house and played on the computer while having a cup of tea.

Morning tea on Valentines Day

Then I helped Kevin sort through the camping trailer – hopefully if the weather co-operates we’ll be going camping next weekend. It’s been over 3 years since we last went so we needed to check our supplies.

Packing the camping trailer

Kevin then left to go do some clay pigeon shooting (his newest hobby) and the girls and I had lunch. I had leftovers from last nights dinner out – a falafel wrap. Amy had soup and Christy had toast.

Falafel Wrap

The rain had started so after lunch I did some scrapbooking.

rainy day Libby scrapbooking

Around 5pm I headed into the kitchen to get started on tonights special Valentine’s Dinner. We don’t exchange presents but I like to make the day a little special. I made Macaroni and Cauliflower with cheese sauce as seen on a new blog I’ve been reading. Unfortunately I had to send Kevin on emergency run to buy cauliflower as the one in the fridge was a little furry :-(. Dinner was yummy and I set the table nicely. Kevin couldn’t care less but I think the girls appreciated the effort. They also received their cards with chocolate hearts.

Valentine's dinner Valentine's dinner

I made heart shaped toast for Christy.

Valentine's dinner Christy's Valentine's dinner Valentine's dinner Valentine's dinner Valentine's Card for girls Christy and chocolate

After cleaning up the kitchen while Christy read to Kevin, we settled down to watch “Narnia” again.

Washing up

And later we enjoyed our special Valentine’s day dessert.


This was the last month of A day in my life (though I may continue it on my own). Be sure to visit Little Jenny Wren to see more “a day in my life” posts. Thanks so much for hosting this Jenny – it’s been so fun. I’m thinking of ordering a snapfish book to have all my days together.