Camping trip video

Well, we had a great time on the weekend – despite a bit of rain. I’ve made a video with favourite photos at the end. The new tent was great and we’re already planning another camping trip in a couple of weeks – the last one we’ll manage this Summer.

5 thoughts on “Camping trip video

  1. Hi Libby, I really liked this video. I was worried when you were in the surf that something would happen to the camera. I think I have too many episodes of funniest home videos…lol. I especially loved sunset at the beach and the rosella and all the pics of your lovely Labrador’s – they sure love the water. The camping looked like so much fun! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much next time round 🙂

  2. I always stop by just to check out the pictures….and you changed your background! I’m always thrown for a loop when my fellow bloggers do that. Looks good!


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