Yoga Challenge

A Bit More Balanced

Above photo from flikr (and it is one pose I can actually do 🙂 )

I’ve decided to accept Tina’s, of carrotsncake, 31 day yoga challenge. I may not be able to do it EVERY day – on the 21st we are driving to Queensland (leaving home around 4am) but I’m going to do it every day that is possible. It might just be a short 20min gentle hatha after doing my red carpet ready workout or a longer one.  Today I did the 30min intro class before walking the dogs. It obviously woke me up because we had such a fast walk today (the dogs, and me, were exhausted when we got back). Who know maybe by the end of the month I’ll be able to try some intermediate classes. If you haven’t already tried any of the yogadownload classes you can use a code on Tina’s blog to get 50% off, plus there are a number of free classes you can try. I’m really loving them. Make sure you let me know if you give it a go or decided to join in the challenge.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Challenge

  1. Hi Libby,
    Thanks for the tip, I have been having a look around yogadownload – it’s interesting! I downloaded the free video and will give it a go – probably not until the weekend but I have put it on my ipod. Goodluck with the challenge! And with the drive to QLD. You will drive right past where I grew up in Macksville.

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