A Sunday afternoon outing


A fairly lazy Sunday. Kevin & the girls went out fishing for a bit (not that they caught anything). I pottered around the house, making some soup, tidying up after the party and scrapbooking a few pages. We watched a bit of TV when they got back, then around 4.30pm Kevin suggested a bike ride. He didn’t have to ask twice. It was overcast but had been all day.

We headed up the road in the search of a playground I had heard about but not visited before.

Sunday afternoon bike ride

It was about a 15min bike ride and a little bit of paradise in the suburbs. If it wasn’t for the distant noise of freeway you could have been deep in the countryside.

At the park At the park

There was even a river, complete with ducks. They came to see us in search of food so next time we’ll be sure to bring some bread.

Christy by the water Christy

The kids, including the big one, found a tree to climb.

Kevin climbing a tree

And finally, a play at the park before riding back home.

Amy at the park

It was a lovely outing and I’m sure we’ll be doing this again very soon.

3 thoughts on “A Sunday afternoon outing

  1. looks pretty……i wondered how do you know if there are crocs in the water or not….when we were over there, i was afraid of lakes or rivers because i never knew which ones would have them.

  2. Love Kevin up the tree!! lol Look how happy he looks!!

    Great way to get all the family exercising. I wish I did things like this with my family when I was a kid. I’m sure the ducks will be happy to see you again with bread 🙂

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