A day in my life – March

Tea and note to myself

Even though Little Jenny Wren is no longer hosting “A day in life” I’ve decided to keep doing it for now.

I had a really rough night. I woke about 3am and tossed and turned and slept a little until 5.30am when Christy crawled into our bed cause she couldn’t sleep either. After about 15min I suggested she get up and watch TV so I could get a bit more sleep. I think I finally gave up about 6.30am. So a VERY slow start this morning. I came downstairs and got myself a cup of tea and sat and read blogs for a while.  Amy is still sick – she’s been crook since Wednesday poor thing.

Amy sick on couch

Christy got out the playdough – which she hasn’t done for a long time.

Christy with playdough Christy with play dough

Kevin headed off to work (yes, on a Saturday) about 8am so I thought I’d better do some exercise.

Time for execise

I really didn’t want to but I haven’t done any the last few days and think maybe that’s why I’m not sleeping well. I made up my own program of Red Carpet Ready exercises which took me around 20mins – definitely better than the zero minutes I wanted to do. And yes, I did feel much better afterwards. I had a protein shake for my breakfast (and read more blogs).

Protein shake for breakfast

I got Christy some breakfast as she hadn’t eaten yet (reheated some french toast that was in the fridge) Then I headed back upstairs for a shower and to run Amy a bath. Then I unpacked the dishwasher and hung out the washing I had started earlier.


I had another cup of tea,

Tea time

then decided to take advantage of this “free” day (we had planned to go on Kevin’s new little boat) and sort through the girls games/baskets.

Shelves all messy Shelves all tidied

It might not look much different but I can tell, and it’s definitely cleaner – how embarassing!! I do dust every week but don’t move the photo frames – as you can see.

Dusty shelf

Time for some lunch. I made Amy some wraps and I had my current favourite – a slice of cape seed bread with hommus, vintage cheese and cucumber. Of course this was eaten while reading blogs.


Then I made a cup of tea and headed into the scrapbook room, where I spent the remainder of the afternoon.

Layout Layout Layout

Oh, I also made sure to get at least one photo of me today – it’s a no make-up, hair pulled back, daggy clothes day here :-).


Kevin arrived home at 5pm with a few groceries and some flowers (which I had asked him to buy). I’ve been inspired by new favourite blog Attic 24 to place some flowers around the house, and I have to say I’m really enjoying them. Normally I would just do a big vase on the kitchen table but I’ve been splitting them up – some on my desk, some in the kitchen, scrapbook desk and bedside table.

Bedside table Flower

At 5pm Amy was still complaining of feeling very sick so we decided Kevin should take her to the doctors. We doubt they’ll do anything but at least we’ll know. I typed up this e-mail, helped Christy tidy up her stuff (she has played SOOO much today), pottered around a bit and got dinner organised. I made Christy some toast for dinner and sat down with a book about 7pm. Kevin and Amy arrived home just before 7.30pm. The doc isn’t sure what’s wrong with her but has ordered a heap of tests – which, of course, we won’t be able to have done until Monday.

I put together our dinner – TVP Taco wraps which we ate while watching Bolt. Later, I worked on my knitting.

Knitting by the TV Knitting by the TV

The movie finished about 9.30pm and we all headed to bed, where I admired my flowers while I read a Virginia Henley novel for a short while.


  1. annie says:

    I hope Amy feels better soon…..poor girl. You look terrific, great photo. I didn’t know Bolt was out already..will look for that! Hope you sleep better.

  2. Chantel says:

    Hi Libby, Good on you for doing the exercise! It’s hard when you don’t feel like it. I like the flower idea – I love flowers too. What a neat idea to split them up. Poor Amy, I hope she feels better soon. What are you knitting? 🙂

  3. willow says:

    Glad that you are continuing with your “day in my life”. I am impressed by your shelves – I thought they looked tidy in the first place!

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