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Up before the sun again today – around 5.15am I think it was. Made myself a cup of tea which I enjoyed while reading my favourite blogs and replying to some e-mails. Around 6.30am I got dressed and headed down to the gym for 20mins on the bike. Then I did 20mins of yoga back in the apartment. So nice to do yoga with a view.

Yoga with a view

After yoga I had a shower, put on some washing and made myself some breakfast (which I enjoyed on the veranda).

Breakfast with a view

Kevin & Amy had eaten earlier and they were all engrossed in various games.

Playing games

Around 9am we headed out, stopping first at a great play area we had spotted last year. The girls (and the big kid) really enjoyed it so we’ll probably come back another day.

At the park

Then it was on to Warner Bros.  Movie World.

Movie World

We arrived just on opening at 10am, only to find none of the rides opened till 10.30am. I was NOT impressed. So we sat and waited. The other choice was to spend money shopping or spend money on coffee or visit with the characters (which we had done last year). Finally at 10.30 we went to the Scooby Doo Rollar Coaster (not yet going) so on to Wild Wild West, which was also not yet going and we had to wait about 10mins to ride. It was not a great start to the day.

We loved the ride however, in spite of getting rather wet.

Wild, wild west A bit wet after this ride

Next we went to see the Car Stunt Show. This was pretty good. Very talented drivers. Christy was worried her loose tooth was going to come out and made Kevin cover her ears when it was noisy.

Car stunt show At the stunt show

We then made a quick stop to First Aid to get some tissues. Christy was so upset about her tooth.

Christy has a toose tooth (it fell at later)

From here we headed to Superman Escape. Such a cool ride.

Kevin on Superman escape Superman Escape

I waited in line with Amy. While we were riding Christy’s tooth did indeed come out and the lady in the shop where they were waiting gave her some mints and a bag for her tooth. She was quite tickled.


We went out to wait for Kevin to ride and had our lunch (rolls we had packed from home – Kevin has already eaten his).


Next was the Scooby Doo ride – Christy’s favourite. A fun ride as always.A wanted to buy a hat but there was no mirror so Kevin thought to take a photo. I thought it looked okay so I bought it.

Libby trying on new hat

Then onto the kids area.

Kids area Christy and Tweety

We did the Loony Tunes River ride, then Christy did a few rides, then the rollar coaster, which both girls love.

Another go on Scooby – we got the ride photo this time. Next was Shrek 4D – very cute.

A look through the shops – both girls got a nice Winter tracksuit. One last ride for Kevin & Amy – Batwing.

Batman Ride Kevin on Batman (Amy on the left side)

Some popcorn cause we were all a little hungry and time to head home.

We left just after 3.30pm. After we got back to the apartment and unpacked and headed back out to Cold Rock. Yummy ice-cream.

Cold Rock ice cream Enjoying Cold Rock Ice cream

Back to our room where we all “played” again and I wrote up this post. I’m now going to make us some falafel wraps for dinner and later we’ll be watching WipeOut.

Tomorr0w:  White Water World & Surfers Paradise Night Markets

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