Shopping and swimming

We were up around 5.15am. Cup of tea and time on the computer. Around 6.30am I decided to do the Red Carpet Ready travel workout. It was good and only took around 20mins. I did it in our bedroom and it was nice getting to enjoy the view while I exercised.

Todays exercise view

Christy woke up just I was finishing. Kevin went in search of coffee and some lunch supplies while I showered and got dressed. Strangely enough I felt like a banana sandwich for breakfast – so that’s what I had.

Unfortunately Christy was in a shocking mood and I think the busy days have just caught up with her. To be fair to her (and everyone) we decided not to go to Dreamworld and instead have a slower paced day.

Instead we headed to Harbourtown factory outlets for a bit of shopping. I particuarly wanted to go the Fossil stores. I was VERY happy with my purchase of new bag and wallet (which is actually a nicer lighter colour than it appears).

Outside my favouirte shop for bags & wallets New fossil bag and purse

We wandered through the shops, stopping around 11.30am as we were all hungry. Christy wanted donuts and was happy to see hers being made.

Christy watching her  donuts cook

Refuelled we visited the rest of the shops. Of course, we couldn’t go past the lolly shop.

At the lollie shop

Everyone picked up a few things (with the girls using their spending money most wisely) and was happy with the outing. We arrived back at the apartment around 1pm and had the lunch Kevin had bought this morning.

Then I stayed in the apartment with Christy (she relaxed watching some TV) while Kevin & Amy went to the Wax Museum. When they returned we all went downstairs for a swim. The pool was rather cold, so Kevin and I just watched and read.

Afternoon swim Playing in the pool Relaxing by the pool

When Christy had had enough playing in the sand we went to the indoor spa (much warmer). Then it was back to the room for a cheese/fruit platter.


The girls played on the DSs, and I wrote up this blog post and checked google reader.

After a lazy afternoon Kevin went to get us some noodles to have for dinner. They were delicious and enough so we’ve got dinner all set for tomorrow night as well.


We then finished watching Brother Bear and headed to bed.

One thought on “Shopping and swimming

  1. Hi Libby, glad you had not such a full on day – sounded alot more relaxing. Going to the theme parks back to back each day can get a bit full on – you’re right. Good on you for doing your workout!

    My mum LOVES harbour town. She just got back from the GC and when she was their she called me “Because I’m in harbour town! Is there anything you want?!” lol

    Those noodles do look yummy. I have always wanted to cook a dinner with noodles like that.

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