Rain in Paradise

Morning rain

Finally managed a bit of a sleep in this morning – esp. nice since it was raining outside. I got up around 6.30am and completed my normal ritual of tea, cookies and blog reading. At 8am I got dressed and we went to get some groceries and rolls to prepare some lunch. I got myself a yummy potatoe, something and pine-nut roll, which I enjoyed with a cup of tea for breakfast.


The rain was on and off but we decided we’d still go to Seaworld.

At Seaworld

When we arrived we headed straight for the Bermuda Triangle ride – and walked straight on.

Bermuda Triangle

We then went on the log ride again – which was almost a walk on.

Christy on the log ride The log ride at Seaworld

We then went to watch the dolphin show – Imagine. A wonderful show. I guess goosebumps watching the dolphins jump and play. They are just so graceful and magical.

Imagine Dolphin show

We stopped to view the penguins and it started to rain again so we hopped on the skyrail to the front of the park and decided to call it a day, after not even 2 hours. It didn’t cost us anything becuase of the Superpass we had purchased and we got to do what we’d wanted to.

We decided to go the craft show. I had missed it in Sydney (due to it being in Sydney and Amy being sick on the day I would have gone). It was pretty good and I picked up some scrapbooking supplies.

Craft fest

The girls got to contribute to a painting (we paid $5) that will eventually be put up in a childrens hospital ward. They loved it. We had some lunch there and went back to the apartment.

The girls painting Christy painting Amy's painting

The girls wanted to go for a swim so we went down to the outdoor pool.

By the pool In the pool

We didn’t stay very long though, as it was pretty windy and a bit cool. Instead we headed over to the indoor pool for a bit.

Back in our apartment we all “played” again and at 5.30pm went to the markets again. They weren’t on however – probably due to the wind and possible rain. We stopped at a newsagents on the way back and I picked up 5 mags – I’ve read most of the stack I bought away with me. I got 2 knitting ones, hoping they provide some inspiration, and easy instructions.

Dinner tonight was pasta with cheese sauce and some cheese bread. More playing on the compter. It’s earth hour tonight and we bought some candles at the craft show today in preparation but I’m thinking we may just be asleep before 8.30pm. The nights go rather slow when they’re nothing decent to watch on TV.

Tomorrow : No plans as yet, will depend largely on the weather.