Shopping and playing


We awoke to another rainy day. But this time it looked very set in, and indeed it was. It was only drizzly though, not heavy rain. We had already decided on shopping and Infinity, so we weren’t bothered in the least.

Rainy morning

I was awoken by Christy at 4am. She was scared and couldn’t find Hippo (who was beside her bed) or Stripy the tiger (who was in the loungeroom). Both located, I left the kitchen light on and she went back to sleep. I, however, was awake for the day. After tossing and turning for about 15mins I gave up and got out of bed. Time to check blogs and have my morning cup of tea.

Once everyone was up and we’d had breakfast (hot cross buns from Bakers Delight this morning), I got most of our things packed, tidied up and vacuumed through the apartment.

Then at 8.45am we headed to Pacific Fair (taking some luggage down to the car with us). We spent a couple of hours shopping. I scored some great items (which I’ll share when we get home). We had morning tea at Mrs Fields (and of course bought some cookies).


Later we had lunch at Salad Central. I had eaten here last year and loved selecting all my favourite salad items. Kevin & I shared and both really enjoyed it.

IMG_7145 IMG_7146

The girls got some toys from National Geographic, some art supplies and new backpacks – Amy’s for school and Christy’s for hiking.

IMG_7149 Girls playing

We came back to the apartment around 1.30pm and the kids (including the big one) played with the new toys for a while before we headed back out to Infinity. The girls really enjoyed it, Kevin said it was okay and worth going to once, I quite enjoyed it but felt a bit claustrophobic in some of the dark parts (I would have totally freaked out if I was on my own). Our photo during the walk through didn’t turn out so they let us go back through, but I couldn’t do it again.

Infinity Infinity

While they were going through again, I bought myself a really nice top.

On the way back to the apartment Kevin stopped to buy some more gelato (we’d have some the other night and it was rather yummy) for after dinner. Christy hasn’t been feeling well for most of today so we just had a relaxing remainder of the day. Later Kevin will go out to buy some noodle soup like we had the other night, then an early night before we hit the road for the LONG drive home tomorrow.

Tomorrow: 12 hours sitting in the car

5 thoughts on “Shopping and playing

  1. Hey Libby, the end of a great trip, boo hoo ! Are you ready to come home? I was – we tend to eat yummy stuff when we’re on hols and forget the simple fruit and veg and start to feel lethargic and bloated. Even when we are down at our van at Corrimal we tend to go off the rails!!! How have your girls been on hols? Do they argue and fight? Our three were getting on our nerves with their bickering – even though Brooke was sick! aaarrrggghhh Did you have that? Anyway, enough whinging!! enjoy your trip home and start planning your next one while you are driving home! take care 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of Infinity. Looks interesting although our youngest may be too young?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing in so much detail about your trip. I’ve really enjoyed it. Safe travels.


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