Favourite photos

Something pretty to look at while we make our way home from Surfers Paradise.

My creation

1. Untitled, 2. at the start of the great ocean road – Australien – 2008 – Selina&Ronny – Nikon D90 – DSC_0110, 3. Yellow flowers and the deep blue sea, 4. London’s snow day, 5. a little piece of freedom, 6. Puppies under the tree, 7. IMG_4772.jpg, 8. Take me to your Herder!, 9. bones of etive, 10. HDR005AR, 11. Wonderland, 12. welcome, 13. Winter in the beech wood, 14. Modern Girl Style Dream Space, 15. After sunset – magic in the air, 16. drying in the sun

One thought on “Favourite photos

  1. Pretty pictures….it really looks like you guys had a wonderful vacation together. You are a very busy family! I am wishing you a safe drive home!! Chat with you when we get back after Easter!

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