RCR Swimsuit Challenge

Well, I’m home from vacation and have unpacked and cleaned out the pantry (the fridge was already pretty bare). Tomorrow I am ready and raring to recommit to the RCR way of life. We’re headed on another vacation in 13 weeks (4th July) so that is what I’m working towards. Even though it’ll be Winter here in Australia we’re going to Broome in Western Australia where it will still be warm and we’ll be swimming. I will need to buy a new swimsuit (current one is a little big) so that’s incentive right there as it’s never much fun buying a swimsuit.

My intentions:

To lose 10kg (22lbs)
To drop 1.5 dress size (current size is a little tight 🙂 )
To do some exercise EVERY day including 3 RCR workouts, 3 cardio workouts per week. Other options include walking dogs, cycling outdoors, and yoga.
To eat as clean as possible
To always be prepared ie. trail mix in handbag
To make time to read inspirations books and magazines
To remember that the next 13 weeks will pass by and it’s up to me how I look and feel at the end of this time.
To try 1-2 new recipes each week
To participate more in the forums
To do at least 2 vlogs each week
To record ALL food that I eat/drink
To drill into my brain the saying “progress not perfection”

One thought on “RCR Swimsuit Challenge

  1. Hi Libby,
    This challenge looks great! I think I will follow along. I have been focussing on my health recently. I picked up a copy of Crunch Time by Michelle Bridges from the Biggest Loser * Bug W $23) and I really love it. I had a HUGE epiphany. It’s all about calories in versus calories out. If you have a calorie defecit each day you lose weight and if you are in credit it gets stored. This really explaines alot to me – i.e. that I can gain weight even when eating ‘healthy foods’. I have been keeping a food diary and realise that I certainly eat more than a days worth of food. So I have changed to denser more filling foods for less calories and it seems to be working ( 2 kgs in ten days) I don’t feel hungry either.

    You have your exercise regime worked out so well….. I am a little haphazard.

    I can’t wait to read about how you are going.

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