First Sewing Lesson

Sewing machine

Yesterday I was very excited to have my first sewing lesson (well, techniquely I did have one years ago but can’t remember anything from then). I’ve been trying for years to have lessons but everytime I’d get enrolled in a class it would be cancelled due to lack of interest. Anyway, I just discovered in our little local shopping area (hadn’t been there for a while) – sewing store!!! And yes, they have lessons. And yesterday was my first one.

The lady who ran the class was very good (and very patient) and taught me how to thread the machine (I knew NOTHING) and about different stitches.

First sewing lesson

At the next class (in a fortnight because of Easter), I’m going to start making a bag. I wanted something nice and easy :-). I am impatient to get sewing now and might even have a muck around on the machine in the meantime. Amy already asked if I could make a costume for her speech on TUESDAY!!! Um, don’t think so sweetheart, unless you want a sack (I could probably sew one of those :-).

4 thoughts on “First Sewing Lesson

  1. Oh Libby I am so jealous!!! I got some free lessons with my sewing machine ( a gift from Hubbie) but the business closed down before I could get there.

    Post your pics each lesson so I can learn too ! ( Pretty please ?? )


  2. Great stuff Libby! I’m on a bit of a sewing spree as I have enough fabric to clothe a small village…

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