Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin tin goes AWOL

Not sure if I’m going mad or things got changed when I wasn’t looking. I thought the theme for this weeks MTM was MTM goes AWOL. Since we don’t have time on a school Monday to do anything fancy I thought I’d take the muffin tin with us to White Water World. I see the theme MTM goes AWOL is on the 20th – school holidays for us – so we’ll take it on another outing.

The girls thought it great having MTM at the water park and Kevin was pleased he got to participate in one for a change. Because I only had one muffin tin it did require quiet a few refills. Here’s Kevin with the leftovers :-).

Empty muffin tin

We did another MTM today. Today theme is supposed to be Spring/Easter but I only just saw that after we’d eaten ours. Luckily I did include some little chocolate bunnies as we’ll be away again next week. We also had the usual dip, carrot, crackers, cheese, chips, fruit and tiny teddies.


Some of my selection


All we had left was some kiwi fruit, which Bailey (dog) enjoyed.

Be sure to visit Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth for more great muffin tins.

10 thoughts on “Muffin Tin Monday

  1. I totally did a switcharoo on everyone!! This might be an issue! so sorry! I’ll post it anyway and then post it again when we do it later!!!

    YOu rock my socks of by the way! great job!

  2. Oh those lint bunnies! I had one last year at easter – Lint is my favourite chocolate. Why does it have to taste so lovely?! hehe

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