Burrill Lakes

All set for Easter fun

After a bit of delayed start we arrived at Burrill Lakes around 12.30pm. Mum & Dad were already here and had just finished setting up the van. We enjoyed lunch together and finished getting our things sorted.

After Mum & Dad left we took the boat out for a bit of fun. The girls had a ball being towed on the inflatable.

Boating fun Inflatable fun

Later on Kevin & I went for a bike ride, we then hung out (on the internet) while we waited for the Powells to arrive.

2 thoughts on “Burrill Lakes

  1. It would appear Libby, that you are a professional traveller!!!!!

    Have fun and I will keep my fingers crossed for the weather 🙂

  2. I love reading about your holiday adventures! Your recent trip to the GC left me jealous! 🙂 We still haven’t been! Just wondering if you can share any tips with the rest of us about having regular holidays especially the saving for it side. Do you put aside a set amount each week for holidays? Look forward to some ideas! Happy Easter!

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