Burrill Lake Day 2

After a very nice nights sleep (Mum & Dad’s new van has a great bed), I enjoyed a cup of tea in bed while playing on the laptop (such a holiday luxury to do this in bed). I’m not sure what time I got up and dressed but we enjoyed a hot cross bun for breakfast with the Powells.

Leanne and kids waiting

Since it was such a nice morning we decided to take the boat out again and let all the kids (including the 2 big ones) have a go on the inflatable. Everyone had a great time.Alyssa and Christy

Kevin Noel Amy & Sarah

It started to get overcast and we were all getting a little hungry so called it a day and headed back to the van park. We had some lunch and the kids all took off playing and riding their bikes. At 3pm they could buy plastercast moulds and sat painting for the next hour.

Girls all ready to paint Christy and her plastercast

Us adults sat around drinking tea (beer for the guys – Kevin is enjoying his homemade ginger beer) and chatting. I also worked on some knitting and read a magazine or two.

Around 7pm we had some dinner (pasta tonight) and chatted some more. It’s been a good day. Very lazy and relaxing.

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  1. By Lightening, April 13, 2009 @ 9:42 pm

    sounds like you’ve had a lovely weekend away. 🙂

    What do you use for internet connection when you’re away from home? I’m currently trying to work out our options for our big trip.