Burrill Lake – Day 3


Another fun, lazy, relaxing day – well, for those us who didn’t go on the tube.

We had a slow start to the morning. There was a clown show for the kids.

Girls watching clown show

Then since it was another nice day, we decided to take the boat out again.

The new boat

I didn’t go out today but everyone else had a go, even Leanne.

Leanne has a ride Water fun

We had a late lunch and later enjoyed an ice-cream. I made Kevin take all the kids down to the ice-cream truck.Kevin leading girls to ice cream van Kevin & girls Girls eating ice cream cones

Not much else to report for the day. Plently of sitting around, enjoying the company of Leanne and Noel while the kids went off to play. Kevin & Noel did go out for a spot of shopping late in the afternoon and Kevin bought back some noodles for our dinner.