Burrill Lake – Day 4

Me with bunny ears

Happy Easter!!

Amy, Kevin & I awoke about 6am. I got a cup of tea and snuggled back in bed with the laptop until Christy woke. Then it was time to check out what the Easter bunny had bought. The girls had left a card and there was a thankyou letter, some PJs and a chocolate bunny.

Christy reading letter from Easter bunny Easter Sunday morning

After sampling some of the chocolate, we went to visit the Powell. We gave them this basket filled with eggs, and chickens for the girls.

Easter basket for friends

There was also a visit by the Easter bunny…

Big bunny deliverying eggs

Breakfast today was hot cross buns, and Kevin made a trip to the local McDonalds to get some “real” coffee for him and Noel. Since was another beautiful day we decided to take the kids to the beach for a few hours. We hung out here for a bit and Kevin dragged the girls around in the tube.



Then headed over to the surf. It was cold but lots of fun.


Jumping over waves

Playing in the sand

After some lunch Kevin & Noel took Amy and Sarah fishing on the boat (they also had a swim). Leanne & I took the younger girls to theĀ  pool, then spent some time reading (and drinking more tea).

Time for a swim