A Day in the Life – April


Oops, I forgot all about the 14th – probably because we were making our way back from Burrill Lake so I’m a day late this month.

I woke up around 5.30am, debated going on a walk or do some exercise but the lazy bones won and I just put on my new slippers (the style is called “Libby” so I just had to buy them) and had a cup of tea while reading blogs.

New slippers - style

It’s a bit strange having to open all the blinds again – we only ever close them during the cooler months.

Early morning

If I forget to feed Bailey he comes to me, barks, then walks over to the pantry – where he eats his breakfast – and hopes I get the hint.

Bailey waiting for breakfast (served in the pantry)

Amy was watching TV and Christy woke up around 8am. I made French toast for breakfast,

Cooking french toast

which I enjoyed with a glass of milo (we’ve got a bit of milk to use up)

Milo French toast for breakfast

After a quick shower and getting dressed it was time to tackle Amy’s bedroom. Since we’ve already had 2 vacations recently I’m using the school holidays to do a thorough clean/tidy/sort of all the rooms in the house. Amy and I spent a few hours working away – I even cleaned the door and all the mirror wardrobe tracks. The result was this.

Amy's bedroom Amy's bedroom

We stopped for lunch.

Salad for lunch

Here’s a peak into our post- Easter fridge.It’s hard to reach for the fruit when that chocolate is in there – but I’m trying.

Fridge after Easter

After my yummy salad and a bit of rest, we started on Christy’s room but only did her wardrobe before she called it quits. Suited me as I was feeling tired and my feet were getting a bit sore. It’s very hot here today. Was supposed to be 23 deg but is apparently 29 degs.

I then spent some time putting photos into my “photo a day” album, while Bailey camped out in his favourite spot.

Bailey by the front door

At 3pm the girls rode to their singing lessons, then to visit Granny as it was her birthday last Saturday when we were away. They had made her a video slide-show which she was just delighted with.

After a bath, Christy played some games. She was winning :-).

Christy at play

Since Kevin wouldn’t be home for dinner, I pulled some chilli con carne out of the freezer which Amy & I enjoyed in a wrap.

I was flicking through TV channels and came across Mrs Winterbourne. I LOVE this movie (and am a HUGE Brendan Fraser fan) and it was just starting, so Amy and I settled in to watch.

Later I enjoyed another cup of tea and some of my Lindt bunny.

Chocolate & tea while watching Mrs Winterbourne

Kevin arrived home just as the movie was finishing and we all headed to bed. I read the lastest Suzanne Brockman until my eyes started to close.

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – April

  1. Hi Libby, look forward to your day in the life! I might start doing one myself. I love seeing how other people spend their days and love looking at your piccies (I feel like a stalker, lol) keep them up! cheers, Amanda

  2. Always love Day in the Life (hey Amanda – above – stalker / snoop, it’s all good!!!!)

    We once bought an outdoor setting because it was called the “Byron” (we had narrowed it down to the final 2, but the name clinched it, so we understand about your slippers).

    There is no chocolate left in our fridge…no self control here, but at least it’s gone.

    And finally I had a few manic days and got stuck into the cleaning and organising and it felt good when I got it finished. And yes, I chose that really hot day to do all the hard work!

  3. Hello Libby, sounds a very productive day – you wouldn’t like to come and tidy my boys bedrooms, its a long time since they.ve looked as tidy as your daughters!
    Our Easter chocolate was a couple of packets of tiny chocolate eggs for hide and seek (I know the boys are 16 and 18 but we still hide eggs) and an Easter Lindt bunny just like yours. All gone now.

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