School holidays so far

Well, since getting back from our Easter vacation I did get a start on the “spring’ clean of the house. I got both the girls bedrooms done. Since then I’ve a cold/flu whatever you call it and haven’t felt real great. It’s the worst I’ve felt in years so I can’t complain too much.  This week has seen a trip to the movies – to see Race to Witch Mountain (which we all enjoyed) and friends over to play with the girls, and me not doing very much at all.

Last Thurs the girls went to the science center (I went shopping but didn’t buy much). In the afternoon Hannah came over for a sleepover. Then next morning the girls had breakfast by the pool.

Amy & Hannah make cookies The girls enjoy breakfast outside

On Saturday we managed to get to dog training.

Bailey loves a car ride Bailey out the window

Sunday we took Emerson to the movies with us and she spent the afternoon.

Emerson & Amy

Monday Taliegha came for a sleepover and the girls played hostages :-). Kids imaginations!!!!

Amy all tied up

Yesterday morning they were into music…. The bottle with the knob on top is supposed to be a microphone!!

Musical water glasses

Christy must have stayed up way too late with Taleigha because after being awake from 6.30am – 7.30am I found her like this…and she didn’t wake again until 11am.

Christy asleep on lounge till 11am

Amy is currently at a sleepover at Emerson’s and later today we’re off to the meet the Powell’s at the bike track.

4 thoughts on “School holidays so far

  1. Hey libby, hols look easy and cruisy for you – if the kids are happy, mums happy !!! sounds like you haven’t spent too much money and thats a challenge on school hols. only one more week to go hehehehe. have a great day

  2. You’ve had a very social time – or at least the kids have 🙂 I hope your cold / flu leaves soon.

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so sick Libby. I hope you feel better soon. I laughed when I saw Amy’s hositage photo…lol!

    Makes me remember playing as a kid. One of my favourite things was to make ‘tents’ with blankets and chairs 🙂

  4. I love how they use their imaginations! Kids are so creative when they have the chance.

    I’ve picked up your cold/flu thing! must be going around.

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