25th April – Anzac Day

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Here in the Withnall family we’ve never done much to commemerate Anzac Day – mainly because you’re more often than not away. It’s been around 5 years since we were home. If I had been feeling better we might have done more – watched the march on TV or gone to a dawn service (we’re up early enough anyway). I did have my own little quiet time thinking about our Anzac soldiers and it dawned on my that every Australian generation for quite some time has had a war to deal with – WW1, WW2, Vietnam and now the Iraq war – when will it ever end. So many lives lost.

On a more positive note, since we were home we were able to make Anzac Biscuits on Anzac Day.
Anzac Cookies

Later in the day we packed up some lunch…

Packing a picnic lunch

and headed to Jamberoo Recreation Park (it closes for Winter tomorrow)

It was a little on the cool side so only the girls went in the water.

Amy jumps in

When they got too cold, they got dressed and went on the toboggan and played putt putt golf – things they’re usually too busy to do.

Riding the chair lift Kevin & Christy on the Toboggan run Putt putt golf

I drank tea and read some magazines…notice how busy the park is :-).

Libby enjoying a cup of tea My view for the day

Kevin listended to an audio book and played Dr. Kev when Christy fell over…

Kevin listening to a book First aid by Dr. Kev

Enjoying fairy floss

I also enjoyed the flowers…so sad the place shuts tomorrow and no-one will get to enjoy them – beside people who get married here I guess.

Flowers at Jamberoo Flowers at Jamberoo Flowers at Jamberoo

So it’s farewell to Jamberoo until next season. It truely feels like Summer is over now.

We headed home just afte 3pm to prepare for our dinner guests…. stay tuned….

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  1. Hi Libby – sounds like everyone had a nice day except for when Christy fell over. Those flowers are beautiful. I absolutely love bird of paradise! 🙂

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