Muffin Tin Monday

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This weeks muffin tin Monday had an UNDER THE SEA theme. I did try to think about this one (and do some research on the net) to make it more fun for the girls. When they saw the muffin (esp. Amy’s) I asked them to guess the theme –  Amy got it right away. It’s school holidays (for two more days) so it would going able to make a lunch, rather than a snack.

Amy's muffin tin

I started with the obvious fish pieces shaped like a fish ( it was hard trying to find ones with REAL fish fillets), then added some potato gems (they are my imitation rocks), some shell pasta, tomato ketchup (not really sure what that represents in the ocean), green jelly with some sea snakes and I just couldn’t resist these blue cupcakes when I saw them at the bakery.

Amy with her muffin tin Christy with her muffin tin

Christy’s muffin tin did not look quite so exciting. She wasn’t that pleased but I had to point out that she’s the one who won’t eat real food. She didn’t even touch the pasta or potato gems and had more toast. She didn’t eat her cupcake – so I enjoyed that for afternoon tea :-).

We were very spoilt today and Amy made us a special MTM breakfast.

Girls with breakfast made by Amy Muffin tin breakfast

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10 thoughts on “Muffin Tin Monday

  1. I’ve started serving our morning tea sometimes in the muffin tins too after reading your blog. I keep meaning to ask though – what’s the point of the muffin tins? Portion control? Or just something fun?

  2. I wouldn’t be able to pass up a yummy little cupcake like that either! It’s ocean colored…

  3. What a fun muffin tin! I may even get in the kitchen & bake up some cupcakes for our MTM because the blue cupcakes look so pretty & yummy!

  4. @Kez- I think it’s both! Also, it’s a fun way to get my kids to try new foods.


    great job! And you got to hav two MT meals this week! How fun! I love the sea snakes and green jello!

  5. Look at you with MTM breakfast! That is awesome! Maybe we’ll do breakfast next week. (BTW, I love the sea snakes. 🙂 )


  6. I love your muffin tin lunches! I have never seen the fish shaped fish sticks before, but my boys would love those! Thanks for letting me know that the comments weren’t working on my blog. I changed the background so it works again – thanks! 🙂

  7. Love the breakfast!

    I looked at those fish too… and passed due to the price 🙂 Of course, i wasn’t sure my kids would eat them so I wasn’t willing to pay much for something that might just be used for it’s appearance 🙂

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