Menu Plan Monday & Muffin Tin Monday


Last week went well. We all enjoyed dinner by Amy on Tuesday night. We had our own personal menus and were served Spring Rolls with wedges.

Amy's home cooked dinner

And apple crumble for desert. It was delicious.

Amy's desert

Then we were served tea and berry muffins while the girls put on a show.

Girls putting on a show

Kevin is away for 5 nights this week so I’m only cooking for Amy and myself (Christy always has toast of some sort).

MONDAY: Rissoto / leftover pasta for Amy (to eat before dancing)

TUESDAY:Pumpkin Lasagne (Amy to make)

WEDNESDAY: Veggie Snitzel and veggies

THURSDAY: Possibly take-away pizza

FRIDAY: Not sure (just me tonight)

SATURDAY: Homemade pizza (didn’t have it last week)

SUNDAY: Leftovers (hosting Mother’s Day lunch)

For more great ideas check out the organising junkie.

muffin tin monday logo

No theme this week so we’re back to the normal after school snack.

Muffin Tin Monday

Don’t forget to stop by Her cup overfloweth to see more great muffin tin meals.

7 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday & Muffin Tin Monday

  1. Yum, what a feast Amy created!

    What are you doing for Mother’s Day? We’ll be camping. I’ll be happy to not have to wash up camping dishes, LOL.

    Menu sounds yummy and easy.

  2. OMG Libby…I know where those green shower caps come from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we, unfortunatly, have 2 of our own LOL

  3. That looks tasty enough for grown ups too! Esp. the babybel cheese!! Thanks for joining us this week!

    Amy is so sweet to have made you dinner! that apple crumble looks delish!

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