Sewing update and some knitting

I’ve now had three sewing lessons and finished my bag. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Here’s what i had at the end of lesson 2.

Inside of bag Bag straps Outside of bag

And at the end of lesson 3.


I had no idea what I was going to do with it… then I decided it would make a great bag for knitting in the car. It worked great. I can fit in a few yarns of wool and my needles.


I’m very proud of myself. I’ve managed to hem some pants and a top for Amy, and even sewed up Bailey’s bed, where he ripped it. And I’ve finally mastered the art of threading the machine :-).

Okay, and now to share some of my latest knitting projects.

Firstly, this shrug, which took me nearly a year to complete :-). The button is now sewed on. I’m not sure whether to keep this for myself or give to Amy – maybe we can share.

Knitted shrug

And a scarf…

Knitted scarf

And I’ve got two more scarves underway…I know, I know, I really need to branch out with my knitting. And I do try. I need to find some video tutorials I think….

8 thoughts on “Sewing update and some knitting

  1. well done libby – bag looks great! whats next at sewing lessons? i was reading a blog the other day and she is sewing a simple patchwork quilt. i havent done any sewing in years and got inspired and was flicking through a friends quilting book and saw a great patchwork quilt cover – no need to sew in wadding. I’m going to do one for the boys bedroom. colour you ask ? – red and green of course – south sydney rabbitohs. not my choice but i might do one for my bed! keep us posted of your work! cheers, amanda

  2. Hi Libby – Glad you updated about the sewing, I was wondering how it was going. The bag you made is just lovely! Well done with your knitting! I’m still trying to finish my the baby blanket for my brother. The baby will be here mid June – I’m just over half way so need to get cracking. Pitty you haven’t started crocheting yet – I could have tried to recruite you as a helper 😉

  3. wow, your sewing is really coming along quite nicely! (knitting, too) … i am hoping to take it up in the fall, maybe find a local shop with a class. my dad is giving me a new machine! can’t wait!

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