A day in my Life – May 2009

Morning cup of tea

After a rather good nights sleep I awoke around 6am. After cuddles with the dogs and a chat with Kevin I headed downstairs. I let to dogs out to the toilet, opened all the blinds and made a cup of tea. Time to check e-mails, read blog and “chat” with my new “friend” Paige (Hi Paige!!!).

Around 7.30am I decided that I would go shopping for my “ME” day so headed back upstairs to shower and get dressed. I decided to phone my Mum and see if she was up to coming with me (she’s been having knee problems). She thought it would be okay.

Back downstairs I heated up some French toast for Christy and  made myself some breakfast, which I ate while unpacking the dishwasher and organising Christy’s lunch. Everyone organised I made a cup of tea to take in the car. Mum came over and we stopped to take a photo. We didn’t plan it but our outfits almost match :-).

Libby & Mum

Then we dropped the girls at school and continued on to Miranda for our day of shopping.

We visited our favourite shops and both were successful in finding what we were after. We stopped around 12pm for lunch at Jamacia Blue. I had a delicious summer vegetable tart.

Libby at lunch

Summer vegetable tart

More shopping. Our last stop was Howard Storage, one of my favourite shops, then Gloria Jeans – for an iced chocolate to drink on the way home.

Howard storage world

We arrived back at the school with about 5mins to spare. Collected the girls and drove home. Amazingly Kevin was already home – he must have had a bad day at work. After unpacking the car I hung out todays washing.

Washing out to dry

Then back out again to take Christy to dancing.

Christy on way to dancing Dance studio

Home again to water the veggie garden.

Lemon tree

Getting hungry so had a bowl of Cauliflower soup, then tried on my new clothes again. Very happy with everything. Just need to buy a top to go with a new skirt.

Around 5pm our organic fruit & veg were delivered. I would have gone out to take a photo of the truck but I was already in my PJ’s (didn’t see the point in getting dressed again after trying on my new outfits). everything unpacked and put away.

Organic fruit & veg

Kevin headed back out to pick up Christy, and I sat with a cup of tea typing up the day so far while the dogs had a play.

Dogs playing

Dogs playing

An easy dinner tonight of falafel wraps (with falafel from the freezer). I forgot to get a photo but it was yummy indeed. I’ve tidied the kitchen, ironing some winter PJs for Christy and am now going to watch some TV with Kevin – possibly a few episodes of It’s Not Easy Being Green.

6 thoughts on “A day in my Life – May 2009

  1. Loving your blog!!

    I came across your blog through “A Day in my life” which is my favorite thing to read on a blog. Hope to see many more in the future.

    Take Care and speak soon.


  2. Hi Amanda,

    How weird is that? Amy is fine. I guess she does a lot of things for herself and most of the time Christy was mentioned I was doing something for her. I did realize I had no photos of Amy – she must have kept to herself much of the day :-). Thanks for thinking of her.


  3. Hi Libby – I liked the photo at the top of your post with the flowers. I felt like buying myself flowers all weekend just to have some colour in the house.

    The fruit box looks yumo! x

  4. Hello Libby,
    Good to see another washing line picture! The days in my life seemed full of laundry so sometimes I’d try to ensure I did not wash or iron on the 14th.

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