Help – I’ve lost my blogging mojo

Has anyone seen it?  I feel that all my posts lately have been about menu planning, sewing and knitting. I guess life is just moving along and I have nothing very exciting to say at the minute. So while I wait for my mojo to return (maybe I’ll find it in Melbourne next weekend) I was wondering what you, my loyal blog readers, would like me to talk about. Any suggestions? Any questions? Not sure? Ttake a look at my categories – maybe there’s one of those you’d like to hear more of.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with some more of my recent scrapbook pages. I’m quite happy with them but don’t feel like I’m really telling the stories I want tell. I’ve got a couple of big picutre scrapbooking classes starting soon so hopefully that will get me inspired.



I scraplifted this idea from one of the blogs I read but now I can’t remember which one. If it’s yours please let me know.



7 thoughts on “Help – I’ve lost my blogging mojo

  1. Hi Libby,

    Here is a {{HUG}} – in hope that your blogging mojo will return. I have missed your posts!

    I find inspiration from the way you write about your day to day activities. Even though they may seem mundane to you, I think that you inspire others, becuase when you look back you have the recipe for making a great childhood for your girls and a strong family foundation. I love the way you tackle your tasks – even if it is just how you organise things in your home!

    I also love the way you blog or do your video diaries with such honesty. It is really encouraging to know that you are not perfect, yet still are able to motivate yourself – that is really inspiring!

    So… I hope that this is sufficient to keep you going and to find that mojo!

    BTW – love your latest layouts.


  2. Hello

    I am still keen on a holiday one if you’re up top it? How to save? What to pack? How to shop around for the best deals? Anything really.

    Hope you get your mojo back soon. I’m another one who just enjoys your everyday things going on!

    Cheers, Ailsa

  3. Hello Libby,
    I am still impressed by your energy and all the great experiences you give your girls. I think you do a great job there.
    What are you up to in Melbourne?
    I’m liking your knitting,
    Best wishes, Ann.

  4. Hey libby, i thought it was odd that you hadnt posted. i know what you mean, sometimes you think “what can i blog about?” nothing exciting has happened and you think it would be boring if you blog just “anything! what about “things I like” category. I’m always interested in other peoples things I like! I like reading your everyday things you do, how you spend your day and always love a photo. I think the simple everyday things are more interesting than something deep and meaningful, thats why i like twitter – just everyday ramblings! hope this helps. love your blog and that you take time to comment on mine. cheers libby, Amanda xx

  5. Hi Libby,

    I like reading your blog too because you like crafty things, and organic foods, and have chooks and a veggie garden. I also like reading about mums who just sound like normal mums. I didn’t have a typical family unit when I grew up – my parents were divorced and I lived with mum & she was a shift worker and we were left by oursevles alot of the time and I just like reading about how other families work so that I can have a hope of holding one together when I have children of my own. I enjoy reading your menu plans because I always wonder what on earth I am going to cook. We didn’t often eat together as a family at the table – only for birthdays and things like that. Mum would cook dinner before she went to work and we would have some when we got home from school and then I’d always have some later on for dinner. Its nice reading about your muffin tin days too.

    Hrm…ideas for blog posts – I do enjoy your ‘day in my life’ posts so please keep them coming. Also when you post how your scrapbooking is going. Maybe you could write more about your trips OS and the things you recommend seeing and doing. Also I’d like to know how you became a vegitarian – have you always been one? One thing I’d like to cook more with is beans and lentils so maybe you could talk about that too because I don’t know how to prepare them or cook them.

    I love your blog Libby and keeping up to date with how you’re going.

  6. I thought of something else… Are you still using your Wii Fit? I have been thinking about buying a Wii as a treat for myself. I was considering getting a treadmill but I’m enjoying walking outdoors now so need to do something about the toning. And I have played Guitar Hero and love it! So I think it’d be a good as it can be fun too. So yes, I was just wondering if you’re still using it and enjoy it?

  7. Hi Libby,

    I love reading your day to day activities especially when you include pictures.

    Hope you get your mojo back 🙂


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